Supply Chain
Management Services

Supply Chain Management Services


Whether our clients have defense, government, or commercial requirements, we deliver support throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. Each relies on our expert supply chain management services for the effective and efficient delivery of consumer goods anywhere in the world they require to their mission specifications.

Our carefully selected global and local vendors provide our clients with critical supplies that comply with stringent mission requirements. We ensure our suppliers meet the highest standards for quality and compliance through regular evaluations. Our long-term vendor relationships also mean we can arrange high-volume bulk purchases with competitive pricing for our clients. Additionally, we comply with and fully support various “buy local” initiatives by sourcing locally grown and produced items under such programs as Africa First, Iraq First, and others.

With over 130 years of cumulative experience, our support and management team handle operations from our regional offices in the EMEA area, which is close and convenient for our clients. We can respond immediately and mobilize on short notice to deliver to our clients’ specifications and selected location. Our global transportation network enables us to reach remote and challenging environments and is tailored to our customers’ needs, including capabilities across unstable and difficult routes and regions. Our capabilities and strategically located warehouses include ambient, chilled, and frozen storage and mobilization facilities operated and monitored by our expertly trained staff.