Procurement Services

Procurement Services

Our Procurement Services safeguard our clients’ operations. EFS offers solutions specially created to balance mission goals and budgetary requirements. Our dedication to safety means our highly trained personnel expertly manage both equipment and staff to any type of specification. Our experience includes public works, civil engineering, family housing, base supply, and more, in both accessible and remote locations.

Construction (Facilities Management – Leisure Services)

With extensive capability and logistics expertise, EFS can both supply and install a vast range of products in the most challenging locations. When our clients require construction-related procurement, they trust our wide network of reliable and experienced suppliers that help us deliver exactly what our clients need, where they need it.

To match equipment with building units, we provide:

  • Kitchen equipment
  • Furniture
  • Generators and power stations
  • Water treatment plants
  • Waste treatment plants
  • Sustainable energy solutions
  • Water treatment chemicals and spare parts
  • Lumber products and construction materials

We also offer rapidly deployable special products, including:

  • Containerized kitchens
  • Rapid deployable offices and warehouse solutions
  • First aid units
  • Mobile units (including kitchen and surgical units)
  • Armored cars
  • Trucks and material handling equipment

Facilities Management & Leisure Services

EFS’s facilities management and leisure services provide clients with a complete range of options, including planning, design, construction, assembly on site, sourcing, procurement, logistics and inventory management and experienced personnel who manage restaurants, bars, duty free shops, laundry, housekeeping, janitorial, pest control and ground maintenance. We service office blocks, convention centers, rapid deployable warehouse facilities, hospitals, and hotels, freeing our clients to focus on business functions without sacrificing operational quality.