Fuel Supply, Storage, and Logistics Services

Fuel Supply, Storage, And Logistics Services


Fuel supply, storage and logistical solutions are the latest addition to the repertoire of transportation services offered within the EFS supply chain. The addition of this vital service supports our clients’ product distribution requirements. Fulfilling a range of fuel-servicing needs, we deliver uncompromising commitment and professionalism. EFS Offer tailor-made, client-oriented solutions, through its global network capable of delivering across harsh environments, while ensuring rapid response in emergencies, to rise far above our competitors.

EFS offers fuel supply, storage and logistical solutions built upon expert, reliable and efficient service that meets the highest international quality controls, and health and safety compliance regulations. It is because of our relentless commitment to the best industry standards that we continue to efficiently support our client’s fuelling and distribution objectives at any location in the world. Through regular checking, recalibrations, visual inspections and quality control plans for all storage, testing and transportation equipment, we guarantee the EFS delivery and supply chain functions at optimal standards.